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Fix Snapchat Loading Screen Problem With 10 Different Ways

Today’s discussion has been one of the issues facing SnapChat Users for long. Before looking at the appeared rubric on how to fix snapchat loading screen let’s take a glance on the app’s dolmen.

Are You New To SnapChat, See This:

SnapChat is one of the technological mode in the 21st century multimedia messaging application which is most times used to take pictures by it users as the name implies with over 37 languages embedded.

The initial release date was on the 8th of July, 2011 by the innovative Original author(s) which are; Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown.

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One of the features which rivet the application (SnapChat) is the advanced and groundbreaking technique which has over 332 million daily active users, for making video, pictures, video chatting and the likes. Among these enlisted features, we have several other modes of the SnapChat application.

The American Multimedia Messaging App (SnapChat) as one of the technology mode has different rough idea, i.e. a general conception from different angle of perception, insights, acumen and has sprung up vantage point or views. But all revolves round technology, which has brought about countless benefit and succour to the environment at large and weather we like it or not, technology has come to stay especially in developing countries.

However, the messaging application which appears as SnapChat has the good side of technology obviously overweigh the ugly side of it. A lot of issue has stirred up in the cause of using this application (SnapChat) by its numerous users in which we’ll be looking at one of the issue, which is how to fix snapchat loading screen.

What Is A SnapChat Loading Screen error?

Kindly watch the 4 seconds clip

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Unable to fix SnapChat loading screen error is one of the problem encountered by SnapChat users. In lieu to those aforementioned rubric, we’ll be spelling out numerous solutions on How To Fix this ever-burdened loading issue beneath.

Ten (10) Ways To Fix Snapchat Loading Screen Problem

1. Scrutinize your network connection:

With you having come across this issue or problem, the first thing you must do is to check your router/VPN, restart it. When you restart your router network, Make sure you wait for seconds before switching it back. If this first step doesn’t help you with the fixing, you need to upgrade to a better internet plan because it showed that there’s something wrong with the connection or if it connecting slowly while scrutinizing the network connection.

2. Re-enable the snapchat application:

This is another way on How To Fix this snapchat problem on the application (SnapChat). While re-enabling your application means that you should Reboot the application, it makes it refresh the code, hence gives it a freshness. You can as well put it in an aeroplane mode in the process if you want to restart that Snapchat application.

3. Go to the app browsing cache, erase memories:

Fix Snapchat Loading Screen Problem With 10 Different Ways

This is another way on How To Fix snapchat loading screen. This method is the system in which you clear memories off the application. As one of the way of fixing such issue, if you want to clear the cache’ these are the steps below;

i. Open the application (Snapchat) on your device.
ii. Having done that ‘Tap on your profile icon on the top left screen of the app.
iii. You click on the Settings mode.
iv. Having done that, just Scroll down to the bottom part of the display app and click “clear cache”.
v. After that, you open the settings and press the Apps and Notifications.
vi. On that note, you tap on “See All Applications”.
vii. Press the Snapchat app options. And then you click on the storage and cache, then press on “clear cache”.

These process will help you erase memories on your application (SnapChat).

4. Another method which you can use to solve the stated problem is to update the application:

snapchat loading screen

This will help you also because most times the application developer(s) upgrade their system from time to time to enable efficient and well functional states on the application.

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For Android Users, follow this step on How To Fix SnapChat Loading Screen by updating.

i. Firstly, Go to your Play Store and press the hamburger icon at the top left.
ii. Press My apps and games column on the spot.
iii. Having done that, Press the Update button next to Snapchat space. Then you solve that.

For IOS Users:

i. Firstly, you Open the App Store.
ii. Having done that, you Tap on your profile icon at the top right hand side of your device.
iii. The If you see any updates available on your device screen’, iv. You press the update button next to Snapchat then updating occurs on your Snapchat.

5. Another method is for you to Uninstall the application and Reinstall it:

This method is the act by which you delete the Application (SnapChat) from your device and you install it back to your device. This will pave way for freshness on the app, hence will restart. After you must have reinstalled the app, all you just have to do is “sign in” and then continue your existing account.

6. You can as well delete the old chats;

Deleting the old chat is when you clear up all the previous chats you had with your friends. This will create more spaces and enable fixes the loading screen issue.

Here are steps for you to help delete the old chats;

i. First Open Snapchat application.
ii. Press Settings button on the application.
iii. Having done that, you select Clear conversation under Privacy section on your application.
iv. Press the cross mark net to the snapchat connection on the application.
v. Then you press the Tap clear.

Hope these steps were helpful, but if it doesn’t works there are more.

7. Reset the factory of your device;

Factory reset means you will delete all data in your device, while resetting the factory, make sure you enable “back up”. After which you will now reinstall the SnapChat application and enables it work perfectly.

8. Remove All Friends On Your Page, And Re-add Them Back;

Here is another way to fix your SnapChat screen loading by Clearing all your friends on your account, this will propel clearing of all data shared between you and your friend on the App (SnapChat). This action will pave way for some storage on your application and make it run its code again when you add your friend back to it. While you do these, have in mind that all information/data shared between you and your friend would be gone.

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For you to delete friends from your account and kindly follow these steps below:

i. Firstly Open Snapchat application on your device
ii. Then Swipe right of your app to open the chats
iii. Having done that Long press on the conversation with your friend you wish to delete chat with.
iv. While you do that, part of the list that popped out there you’ll see, press ‘More‘
v. Press ‘Remove Friend’ so by then, friend is automatically ‘Removed.’

The second to the last way that can be used to solve snapchat loading screen difficulty is seen in the ninth method below.

9. Enable App Permission on your device:

Allow the application to run in your device by enabling it permission. Without these, you might experience such problem or issue of not being able to load your snapchats. When you disable the application on your device, you cannot perform its action like saving particular pictures and detecting screenshots on your device, and this might be one of the issue facing your application.

Steps to enable Snapchat permissions:

i. Firstly, go to your Settings
ii. Having done that, Navigate through ‘Apps’ on your device
iii. and select ‘Snapchat’ application.
iv. Then, Press ‘Permissions’ and allow all permissions from your device on your Snapchat application.

10. The last step we’ll be revealing is that you Turn Data Saver Mode Off on your application;

SnapChat allows to save cellular data on your device, so it’s data transfer becomes comparatively slow. The application allows data to be saved. In noting these, You will also have to load contents on your application like Lenses and Snaps manually with it, and they will take longer to view what you snapped. This will people you to use your application well on your device.

So for you to turn off Data Saver on your Snapchat application;

i. Firstly, Open Snapchat application.
ii. Check On the top left corner of the screen while on the app, select your Bitmoji icon appeared
iii. Having done that, check On the top right corner, press the ‘Setting’ icon that looks like a gear on the application
iv. Then you Scroll down to ‘Who Can …’ and press ‘Data Saver’ for what you’ve seen
v. Lastly, you Uncheck the Data Saver feature, then all your worries is solved.

We’ve been able to describe the steps which will surely guide you in solving any issue related to the snapchat loading screen difficulty you’ve been experiencing when using your Snapchat application.

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