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As you’ve always known, FRESHREPORTERS NEWS is a news platform. We publish legit news that informs, educates and one which add up in building a good community, country and world at large.

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How It Works:

You will pay the registration fee which is ₦2500=$6.02.

That registration fee is a one-time-payment token of ₦2500=$6.02 (meaning you only pay ₦2500=$6.02 once and for all). The registration fee will be paid to our vendor and you’ll be given a “coupon code” to complete your registration.

There is NO LIMIT to what you can earn on our platform just perform some normal tasks or activities, you’ll begin to make money on this platform!.

Summary of how it works:

  • Registration fee(one-time-payment) = ₦2500 ($6.02)
When you register as a new member(registration bonus)₦1000= $2.41
For every approved post(paused for now)
Every member that registers through your referral link(referral)₦1550= $3.73
For every news you read ₦2= $0.0049
Every Sponsored ad you share₦50
Every post you share₦3=$0.012
For every reasonable comment you drop.₦2= $0.0049 (–₦3 is deducted for short/invalid comment)
Get another bonus if you have upto 5refferals in a week₦1050=$2.53

Note: we might need to change the dollar to Naira conversation rate without notification as the official rate also changes.

Referral is compulsory for activity earners, [just one(1) referral only before withdrawal]. It makes you earn faster and massively. It will also help us to grow!.

Why you should Join Freshreporters income program?

  • Financial freedom (No limit to what you can earn and doesn’t disturb your job).
  • We are real!!!. Tested and trusted.
  • Little one-time-fee of ₦2500=$6.02 (you pay for registration only once). You’ll get an instant bonus of ₦1000= $2.41 after registration.
  • When you refer you’ll get a bonus of ₦1550= $3.73.
  • 24/7 customer care services.
  • We promise what we can offer.

Our Aim:

  • To lift millions out of poverty.
  • To create an alternative source of income for people.
  • To be a top-notch income platform existing.
  • To build daily trust from fans, lovers and customers.

Our Payment Schedule:

  • Withdrawal request for Non-referral Activity Earnings ends on 29th and we pay on 30th of every month when you have a minimum of ₦5000= $12.15.
  • We pay referral earnings every Friday when you have a minimum of ₦3000=$7.21.
  • We pay Post Earnings every 30th of the month when you have a minimum of ₦1000=$2.41
  • We pay straight to your bank, for people in Nigeria. We pay through PayPal only, for our customers that are not based in Nigeria.

How To Register For Freshreporters Income program :

Whenever you’re faced with any difficulty try to contact our admins first!.

Are you facing any challenge?. Contact our customer care: +2348084076066 (WhatsApp Only 24/7).