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Home Business Is Autoxify Smart Contract A Scam: Read This Before You Register

Is Autoxify Smart Contract A Scam: Read This Before You Register

Autoxify Smart Contract Review - Legit or Scam

Hey there, are you looking for a detailed Autoxify Smart contract review, you’re on the right page!!!.

In the next few minutes you’ll understand all what you need to know as regards Autoxify smart contract. You’ll also know if Autoxify is a scam or not!.

What Is Autoxify Smart Contract?

Autoxify is a Tron Based Smart Contract Matrix earnings program presenting special factors that are not available in other smart contract. It offers something completely different from the rest one of which is Auto-referring system.

Autoxify also pose to have the cheapest registration fee, along with Automatic referrals, Automatic upgrades and a Global matrix.

Is Autoxify A Scam Or Legit – See The Features

Autoxify comes out with appealing Features. It won’t be nice enough to jump into the conclusion that Autoxify is a scam or not a scam. Meanwhile, you need to firstly see the features below.

1. Low cost

With just Just 400 TRX to join, this keeps you active and earning for the life of this program. With this you enjoy the other features listed below.

2. Auto Referral

This will give you members to build your own team. downlines. No recruiting, unless you want to and then you can earn even more. Your choice.

3. Refferal Activator

This will give you 3 referrals into your team after you have been a member for 3 days.

4. Automatic Upgrade

Autoxify’s auto upgrade feature allows you to upgrade from slot to slot without lifting a finger!. This ensures that everyone upgrades, helping to ensure more wealth across the team.

5. Unlimited income

As well as Automatic earnings, with some optional referral effort, there is no limit to what you can earn with Autoxify.

Having seen the features above Autoxify is presented to be the the only contract with a hundred percent (100%) unique code and algorithm. You should know that referrals are very important for earnings, but think about your referrals not getting to you early as you want it. Try to study their operations very well it will give you an opportunity to earn at upper hand.

How to Register on Autoxify Smart Contract

To sign-up for an account on autoxify smart contract you will need 400Trx just as said earlier. You might need some little funds for some stuff like the miners fee.

So once you register Autoxify with 400Trx, 80Trx will be used to activate your X3 slot. Another 80Trx will be used to activate your X4 . And finally, the last 240Trx will go to the referral activator.

See graphical description below:

How to Register on Autoxify Smart Contract

Steps On How to join Autoxify Smart Contract

Kindly for the step by step proccess below to register on Autoxify Smart contract:

Step 1. Download The Tron Wallet( for Android users on PlaysSore),Tron wallet (for IOS) or the Tronlink (for PC users)

Step 2. Deposit 420-450 TRX at least to cover joining plus transaction fees (but 400 Trx is joining fee).

Step 3. Copy the REFERRAL LINK from your Sponsor.

Step 4. Open your Tron Wallet, go to Bottom-Left corner (Tron ​​Browser icon) .
If you do it from the PC you simply click on the registration link. And you connect your tronlink by clicking where it says CONNECT WALLET TO START.

Step 5. Paste the link in browser, and click on search
Autoxify homepage will open
Click on join
Check your inviter id

Step 6. Then you confirm the transaction and the amount will be deducted from the wallet.

your id will be created.

I have already mentioned above that on Autoxify the upgrades are automatic. You might now be wondering how is the upgrade done!. Kindly read the next thing I will reveal to you right now

How Does Autoxify Smart Contract Upgrade Works

Autoxify X3 : Autoxify x3 is a global matrix with global spillovers and overflows. The auto referral gives all members partners which fills slots from level 1 to level 20. Here the matrix is filled global as your direct referrals do not go under you. For your effort and reward as the inviter you get referral bonus on every slot/level, all 20 levels.

You don’t need to lift a finger in X3 upgrade. Upgrades comes automatically. Smart contract handles it for you from slot to slot.

So, Auto Upgrades for Autoxify X3, the circle payment from the first 2 partner from each slots is what will be used for your auto upgrade. After this you get the next payment directed to you after upgrade.

Autoxify X4 : Autoxify x4 is the team build matrix where you earn collectively as a team. The X4 is the power house of the Autoxify system because it is the activities of team members on x4 that feeds and grows the x3. Also you earn good on the x4 if you refer members into the Autoxify system.

In essence, for you to attain a maximum profit and gain in X4 you are demanded to compulsorily upgrade from one slot to the other slot that is, from slot1 to 2 to 3 and so on.

Autoxify x4 is the team build matrix where you earn collectively as a team. The X4 is the power house of the Autoxify system because it is the activities of team members on x4 that feeds and grows the x3. Also you earn good on the x4 if you refer members into the Autoxify system.

Note that your payment for each slot must have been done before you can earn from it. You might miss out from earnings if you don’t upgrade on Autoxify X4 and your partner reaches same slot with you. So try to do your upgrade when it’s due.

Let me cap it up here that x3 can not work and profit you if the x4 structure is not there.

In conclusion, any online business requires to be able to take risks. Though the level of risks varies. Autoxify though having juicy features is not excluded from one of the online business that carries certain calculated risk. You must be sure that you can stand the risks.

However, Autoxify Smart contract is just like other smart contracts feel free to interact with the platform. Happy earnings!.


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