Saturday, June 15, 2024
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See five promising crypto airdrops after Notcoin before June bows out

The current ways of earning free cryptocurrency is by Airdrops and it’s the fastest way with the rewards ranging from $1 to $10,000 worth of crypto assets.

The Airdrops as commonly known in crypto world provide investors and its various users across the globe an opportunity to participate in a project while potentially earning free tokens for their efforts.

Freshreporters Media had taken it time to roll out promising airdrops campaigns among others to watch out for this month, June, 2024.

The selected Airdrops among others includes:

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Arena Games Airdrop

This is regarded as a Web 3 project in the gaming category, combining traditional gaming with the GameFi sector of the crypto space. It’s campaign is expected to end by 7th of June, 2924.

This project offers game developers and players the ability to manage their digital assets, mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and enhance the overall gaming experience in the crypt world.

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Another Airdrop you should watch out for is Starknet Airdrop

Starknet Airdrop as noted is a secondary network on the Ethereum blockchain dedicated significantly to scale up decentralized apps without compromising the security and compatibility of the Ethereum blockchain.

To promote the launch of the inaugural phase of an important program in the Starknet ecosystem, the team is initiating an airdrop campaign.

This campaign offers participants the chance to earn from a pool of 700 million Starknet tokens. The tokens will be disbursed to approximately 1.3 million eligible addresses after the airdrop.

Another are Nexo Airdrop campaign

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Nexo, is one of the world’s largest lending platform and a major player in the global fintech space, is organizing an airdrop campaign to promote its services, allocating 10 million Nexo tokens for this purpose.

Participants must complete tasks such as funding their accounts, swapping, or borrowing to be eligible.

Rewards will be distributed based on the level of engagement in the campaign.


Ouinex airdrops is aimed to carve out a niche in the crypto market by blending conventional finance with cryptocurrency trading. It is designed by finance professionals, this project provides traders with a platform to integrate their crypto assets into the traditional market.

The team behind Ouinex has allocated 30 OUIX tokens to reward participants who complete simple tasks within the ecosystem. The campaign concludes on June 20.

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Lastly, CAGA Airdrop campaign

CAGA is an independent layer 1 network designed to provide a trusted environment for executing transactions. It campaign will be concluded on the 12th of June, 2024.

This airdrop promotes its services by encouraging users to explore decentralized governance with developer-friendly tools.

CAGA is currently airdropping 1 billion CAGA tokens to participants in its airdrop campaign.

In conclusion, there are two broad categories of Airdrops in the cryptocurrency world, and they are free airdrops and paid airdrops. Free Airdrops give participants the chance to earn free crypto tokens by completing tasks and engaging in the crypto project while Paid airdrop campaigns require users to stake some tokens to become eligible for rewards.  [CONTINUE READING HERE]>>>>>

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