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Nedu Advises Ladies to Be Cautious When Men Insist on No S3x Before Marriage “Something is fishy”

  • Nigerian media personality Nedu cautions women about men who strictly advocate for no s3x before marriage, suggesting hidden motives.
  • Nedu shared his perspective on ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, emphasizing the importance for women to investigate when their partners impose such a condition.
  • He recounted a listener’s story about her husband’s sexual difficulties leading to infidelity, highlighting the potential consequences of suppressing sexual compatibility.

Freshreporters Media gathered in a recent episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ audiovisual podcast, renowned Nigerian media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, known as Nedu, shared his thoughts on the contentious topic of abstaining from sex before marriage.

Nedu cautioned women to be wary when their partners vehemently advocate for this stance, suggesting that there may be underlying motivations at play.

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During the podcast, Nedu emphasized the importance of conducting thorough investigations when confronted with a partner’s insistence on no sex before marriage.

He recounted an incident where a woman confided in him about her husband’s poor sexual performance, which ultimately led her to seek intimacy outside the marriage.

Nedu urged women to remain vigilant, stating, “If a man is telling you ‘no sex before marriage,’ it is crucial to delve deeper and ascertain if he has other preferences or inclinations.”

He shared the story of a woman who appeared on his radio show, revealing, “She said, ‘Oga Nedu, I have been unfaithful to my husband, not once, but multiple times. Oga Nedu, if you were in my shoes, you would have done the same.”

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Nedu empathized with her predicament, as her husband had proclaimed no sex before marriage, yet encountered difficulties in maintaining sexual arousal. This unexpected revelation caused significant strain within their relationship.

However, Nedu also cautioned against generalizing this scenario to all men, acknowledging that not every man who advocates for abstinence before marriage has ulterior motives or encounters similar challenges.

It is essential to consider each individual’s circumstances independently.

Shifting the discussion, Nedu expressed his disapproval of women who claim independence but rely on men to finance their extravagant lifestyles.

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He asserted that many self-proclaimed independent women often engage in relationships with married men, who subsequently fund their lavish expenditures.

Nonetheless, Nedu made a clear distinction between these individuals and hardworking women who maintain their integrity and refuse to compromise their values in pursuit of success.

He emphasized that it is unfair to compare these two groups, as they occupy vastly different moral and ethical spaces.

Nedu’s perspective serves as a reminder to women to exercise caution and thorough discernment when faced with partners who insist on no sex before marriage.

Open and honest communication, coupled with a genuine understanding of one another’s desires and expectations, is vital for fostering healthy relationships.

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