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Italian PM Meloni Rejects Criticism from Canadian Leader Trudeau Over LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Italy’s far-right Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni rejects criticism from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding her government’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights.
  • The criticism was raised during the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan, where both leaders were present.
  • Meloni dismisses Trudeau’s concerns as “fake news” and asserts that his assessment does not align with reality.

Italy’s far-right Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, firmly rejected criticism from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau concerning her government’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

The criticism was brought up during a news conference in Hiroshima, Japan, where the annual G7 Summit was taking place, hosting leaders from seven of the world’s leading industrialized nations.

A reporter asked Meloni about Trudeau’s comments, which occurred during their private, bilateral talks at the summit.

Trudeau had expressed Canada’s concern over Italy’s positions on LGBT rights, and he anticipated discussing the matter with the Italian premier.

Meloni displayed annoyance as she listened in silence while Trudeau spoke. The camera operators left the room after his remarks, and the two leaders proceeded with their closed-door talks.


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Earlier this year, Meloni’s government issued a directive to city halls, instructing them to limit the automatic registration of both parents in same-sex couples and recognize only the biological parent’s rights.

This decision drew strong criticism from gay rights activists, who condemned it as homophobic.

When asked about Trudeau’s remark, Meloni dismissed it as falling victim to “fake news” and propaganda, asserting that his assessment did not align with reality.

She expressed her disagreement with Trudeau’s criticism and maintained her government’s position on LGBTQ+ rights.

The exchange between Meloni and Trudeau highlights the differing views and concerns surrounding LGBTQ+ rights in international politics.

While Trudeau expressed his apprehensions about Italy’s positions, Meloni rejected the criticism and labeled it as misinformation.

As the G7 Summit continued, discussions on various topics, including human rights and equality, remained crucial.

The contrasting perspectives on LGBTQ+ rights exhibited during this exchange reflect the ongoing dialogue and debates on these issues at the global level.

In conclusion, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni rejected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s criticism regarding Italy’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

Meloni dismissed Trudeau’s concerns as based on “fake news” and emphasized that his assessment did not correspond to reality.

The exchange between the two leaders underscores the divergent perspectives on LGBTQ+ rights and the importance of ongoing discussions to promote inclusivity and equality on the global stage.

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