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How My husband divorced me 2hrs after our wedding because I lied to him I don’t have a child and that I was a virgin – 26-year-old woman recounts

As simply identified, Hanifa, a 26-year-old woman has recounted how her husband divorced her just two hours after their wedding.

She disclosed that it all began with lies about not having a child and claiming to be a virgin. She explained that she had gotten pregnant in a previous relationship where she dated two men but didn’t know who the father was. Both men denied being the father of her baby.

Hanifa stressed that raising her child alone was a tough journey. With no support, she took to the streets to sell clothes for a living.

Speaking to the newsman , she said:

“In 2019 i fell in love for the first time but that relationship only lasted two years because i often caught him with other women after our breakup i shared my experience with other women and many of them told me that their husbands also makes similar mistakes.

“I fell in love with another man as women we often feel the need to look good in the public and this became a problem for me when i found out that my new boyfriend was poor and couldn’t take care of me financially because of this, i decided to start another relationship and i ended up dating two guys at the same time these situation was not a blessing for me, soon after I got pregnant and because i was dating two guys simultaneously, i could not determine who the father was, this confusion made to to make another bad decision.

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she continued: “Since i had no choice, i decided to tell both men that they bby was theirs when i was with the first one i told him the child was his and then when i was with the second one i told him the same thing however as soon as i did this, i realize my mistake one of them began to deny paternity claiming it is impossible because he had medical condition that made it unlikely for him to father a child i had to leave him and try the other man but to my surprise he also denied being the father i was left being in desperate and confused not knowing what to do next.

“After i gave birth, i started raising my child without the father’s help it was very difficult but as God provides for every child, we managed t get by eventually i found a job selling clothes which helped me regain my confidence and appearance … later i met another man who truly loved me and we fell in love with each other, this man was very wealthy when we met we talked and got to know each other however i made a big mistake when he asked about my past i didn’t tell him the truth i told him i was single and he was the first man i had romantic conversation with hiding the fact that I had a child during this time i would leave my baby at home while i went to work in the morning and returned int he evening after a long day at work i would take care of my baby.

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“We fell in love and after a while like any other man, he wanted to sleep with me although i could have denied him with other ways i made a big mistake by convincing him that i was a virgin and would never sleep with a man before marriage… he was a very nice person and respected my claim even though it was a lie his love for me grew and he told me he would be patient until we got married although we never slept together it was possible because i had done it before and wasn’t a virgin as i had claimed his love for me grew so much that he later asked me to quit my job promising to give me my salary instead by this time we had developed a dee trust i would go to his house, spend time in his bedroom and explore his entire house e never forced me to sleep with him and assured me he would wait until we are married.

Introducing him to her parents and convincing them not to tell her man the truth, she said: “The time came i introduced him to my parents and i told everyone at home not to reveal the truth about me and my child however my family told me i was making a mistake by not being honest with him i didn’t pay much attention to their concerns and thought it would be easy to manage when my parents met him they were happy he then took me to his parents and they were pleased to see me as well with both family happy and supportive everything was set for our marriage and he had already provided everything necessary for my family to agree to the marriage

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“We got married and on our wedding day, We went to an hotel for our honeymoon that night after taking a shower, we started unboxing gifts However i was filled with fear about facing the consequences of my lies… I decided to tell him the truth believing that as my husband he would understand and forgive me i initiated the conversation and confessed that i had lied about everything i revealed that i had a child and shared who i really was he became very angry and told me i was not a woman he could live with he said that even if we stay together, he couldn’t trust me to be loyal right after that he left the hotel telling me that everything between us was over.”

“I tried to reach out to him, but whenever I saw him, he refused to listen calling me a snake and telling me to stop pursuing him” [CONTINUE READING HERE]>>>>>

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