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Friend Discloses what Really Happened To Her Friend Took For A ‘Spider Wife’ That Jumped Barbwire Fence

A friend whose name happened to be anonymous reveals what happened the Night ‘spider wife’ jumped barbwired fence off.

The Friends who claimed to be the close friend of the spider wife said the lady in the picture happens to be her friend and not just a friend but a close friend.

According to her report, she said “ The lady in the picture happens to be my friends and not just a friend but a close one”

“They got married December 20th last year and the man (his name is otiogbo or swizz or Zubby) his from ukpo. he own a popular hotel named swizz something I don’t know the correct name again.

“What happened that faithful day was this the wife came back late , he is use to beating the wife always and he is a very violent man . I remember one girl he married some time last two years .

“She refused to have [email protected] with untill after the marriage which he agreed then after the day of introduction (pride price) he took the girl home as tradition permits .

“They were in the bathroom together he found out that the girl breast is saggy he dealt with the girl giving better beating from bathroom, she was naked it was the neighboring building that gave her a piece of Ankara to cover herself before living the house . He sized everything that belongs to the girl till today .

“He [email protected] girls but most of them are afraid of telling their story because he still has the nvde and [email protected] videos. He has cameras all over his house he even has [email protected] tape of his wife both old and new. He is very rich man so everyone is afraid of him I don’t want say more because he might come after me.

“That very day he recorded that Video was the day the Wife find out about the [email protected] tape he has on his phone because someone among his circle told her .She begging him to open the gate so that she will go but he refuse .

“He sized the wife belonging and phones because he bought it for her , the video is not clear because it was from his cctv (his house) footage”

“The wife left ending of January 2022, He has been threaten the wife since she left.”

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