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BBNaija’s Whitemoney Exposes His Colleagues, Reveals Why He Doesn’t Own A Restaurant (VIDEO)

  • Whitemoney, winner of BBNaija’s ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition, sheds light on the reality behind the extravagant cash and gifts claimed by his colleagues.
  • In an interview with media personality Nedu on the ‘Honest Bunch Podcast,’ Whitemoney explains why he hasn’t opened a restaurant post-show.
  • Whitemoney reveals the requests made by some female colleagues, who aim to connect with his billionaire acquaintances instead of focusing on their careers.

Whitemoney, the triumphant victor of the Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition, known as Hazel Oyeze Onoduenyi, has recently exposed the deceptive nature of his colleagues’ proclaimed wealth and gifts.

In a candid conversation with renowned media personality Nedu on the captivating ‘Honest Bunch Podcast,’ Whitemoney unraveled the truth behind their ostentatious claims.

Having showcased his remarkable culinary skills during his time on the reality TV show, Whitemoney was questioned about his decision not to venture into the restaurant business following the conclusion of BBNaija.

In response, he candidly revealed that the establishment of a thriving restaurant demands a substantial capital of N650 million, an amount that surpasses his individual capacity.

When probed further about the possibility of seeking assistance from his dedicated fanbase, the BBNaija sensation expressed doubts regarding their ability to raise such a colossal sum.

Whitemoney firmly stated that expecting fans to contribute such a substantial amount would be unrealistic and beyond their means.

Amidst the insightful conversation, Nedu interjected, raising a thought-provoking point concerning Whitemoney’s colleagues who claim to receive extravagant gifts worth millions from their ardent supporters.

In light of this, Whitemoney firmly asserted that individuals should exercise caution and skepticism when evaluating the authenticity of these claims, emphasizing that social media often presents a distorted version of reality.

As the conversation continued, Whitemoney made an intriguing revelation regarding the intentions of several female BBNaija housemates.

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He disclosed that numerous female contestants participated in the show not with the primary goal of nurturing their careers but rather to attract wealthy male patrons.

Some of these aspiring influencers approached Whitemoney himself, imploring him to introduce them to his affluent acquaintances, particularly individuals of the likes of the notable businessman Obi Cubana.

In conclusion, Whitemoney’s revelations have shed light on the illusory nature of the extravagant wealth flaunted by his colleagues.

Moreover, his disclosure regarding the intentions of certain female BBNaija participants highlights the complex dynamics within the realm of the reality TV show.

It serves as a reminder to approach the narratives propagated on social media platforms with a discerning eye, acknowledging the stark contrast they often hold to the reality experienced beyond the camera’s lens.

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