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ASUU To Sanction Lecturers Disengaging From The Ongoing Strike

ASUU, The Academic Staff Union of Universities has disclosed that the Union will extract out a list of tyrant lecturers who disregard the union’s decision, by still fixing lectures by so doing disengaging from the ongoing strike action by the Union.

Freshreporters had learnt that some varsity lecturers in some institutions still engages students to receive lecture, despite the industrial action.

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However, the Union President, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, reveals this in an interview last weekend that the union is aware of some lecturers moves and that the ASUU union would sanction them soon.

In the Union leader statement, he said “We are aware that some lecturers are attending to students despite the fact that the national body declared a strike. In a union where you have over 15,000 members, it is only normal that you will have some members who will go against the laid down rules.

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He added that “We are taking note of the said lecturers. We are compiling our list and they will be sanctioned at the end of the strike,”

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