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5 Things Women Look Out For In A Man Asides Money.

Asides from money, there are other characteristics that ladies seek in men. Like people say, money is not everything. If money was everything, some rich men wouldn’t have had broken homes and marriages. Asides money, here are four things women look out for in a man.

1. Love.

Aside money being involved, probably every woman wants or desires a man who will love and appreciate them. A man who will love and make them their priority other than seeing them as an option.

2. Men who don’t bother or argue excessively CLICK HERE T0 READ/VIEW FULL C0NTENT N0W

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  1. It’s true but the only thing is that
    No man can satisfy woman we can
    Only do our best because that’s how
    God create them no mater what they
    Wont be satisfied unless the one that
    God touch her heart, if not they will still
    Be complain if you too calm, and you
    You smart they will still complain so
    Is only God that can help them, we just
    Need to be managing each other no one
    Is perfect

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