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4 Stages Of A Woman’s Reproductive Life That Men Should Know

Some men who are in a romantic relationship with their women know little or nothing about the woman’s reproductive life. A woman’s reproductive life is divided into stages.

Knowing these stages will give you a better understanding of women. The following are stages of a woman’s reproductive life that all men need to know:

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1. There’s a time from birth to the time a woman starts to menstruate. Then, the onset of menstruation is called menarche, and she menstruates for a couple CLICK HERE T0 READ FULL CONTENT 0N OUR WEBSITE


  1. That’s great but this is not compulsory
    Its just the matter of choice if anyone
    Cares to know all those things it cool
    Is not something someone should
    Be worry about to know or give full
    Concentration, it’s just a normal thing
    If you wanna know you know and if
    You don’t want someone can just over
    Look it you know.

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