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Ugandan businessman ends journey of child birth, undergoes vasectomy

Aita Joel, one of the Ugandan businessman, has disclosed that he has undergone a vasectomy after giving birth to five children.

The businessman who took to his Twitter handle today (Saturday) explained that sometimes as a father, one has to take concentrate on the responsibility of having birth control.

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According to him “VASECTOMY. After birth of kid 5, I decided to end the journey and concentrate on giving them a quality life.

“At times the man has to take responsibility for the birth control and besides a good quality life for the children can only be given to a number you can manage. It’s simple.

“If you want a really good education for your children, you have to pay for a very good school. Definitely when a primary school charges you over 20m per term per kid. Then you need to have a number you can manage. In my case, I can manage five. Someone else can manage ten. Another less.

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”In an update on Saturday, the author added, “The process is a simple OPD operation and within hours you are jumping in the car and driving off. You can also opt to store sperm in case you have wasiwasi.”

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