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Poland Receives First Shipment of US-made HIMARS Rocket Launchers Amid Security Concerns

  • Poland has taken delivery of its initial shipment of HIMARS rocket launchers from the United States, as part of its defense upgrade in response to the ongoing conflict in neighboring Ukraine.
  • The country is investing billions of dollars in modernizing its armed forces by procuring weaponry, including fighter jets, primarily from the US and South Korea.
  • The HIMARS launchers are expected to replace older weapons and enhance Poland’s defense capabilities.
  • The defense minister expressed the intention to acquire additional launchers to strengthen the country’s artillery forces.

Poland has recently received its first shipment of HIMARS rocket launchers from the United States as part of its defense modernization efforts amid security concerns stemming from the conflict in neighboring Ukraine.

In an attempt to enhance its armed forces, Poland is investing billions of dollars in procuring advanced weaponry, with a focus on purchases from the United States and South Korea. These acquisitions aim to replace outdated weapons and strengthen Poland’s defense capabilities.

The HIMARS rocket launchers, valued at approximately $414 million (380 million euros), were acquired through a 2019 contract.

The agreement includes 18 advanced combat HIMARS launchers, two HIMARS training launchers, as well as ammunition and related equipment.

The logistics and training aspects are also covered in the deal. These rocket launchers will be deployed to the 1st Artillery Brigade located in northeastern Poland, according to Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has underscored the significance of artillery in repelling the Russian invasion, as stated by Minister Blaszczak.

Observing the developments in Ukraine, Poland recognizes the crucial role of artillery in modern warfare, hence the decision to procure additional HIMARS launchers.

The country aims to obtain around 500 units in total, thereby bolstering its artillery forces and further fortifying its defense capabilities.

The delivery of the HIMARS rocket launchers marks a significant step forward in Poland’s defense upgrade.

As the nation continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine, it remains committed to ensuring its preparedness and security.

By acquiring modern weaponry and strengthening its armed forces, Poland aims to uphold its defense commitments as a NATO member and safeguard its national sovereignty.
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