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Young Lady Found Lifeless With Her Vital Body Parts Missing In Plateau State

A young lady identified simply as Plangnan has been found d€ad with herr vital body parts missing.

An eyewitness identified as Chuwang Ahmadu Rajan reveals that the deceased was found with her body mutilated.

The body was found dumped near Plateau Radio Television Corporation (PRTV) in Rayfield area of Jos South.

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Chuwang posted on Facebook:

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“Our sister, Plangnan was killed during Christmas period around Rayfield and she was burried in that same area. ADVISORY:

“There’s a Red Alert that ritualists have invaded Jos and now have a market for selling human parts in the state. Recently, the Corpse of this young lady(Plangnan) a resident of Chwel-Nyap Congo Russia Area of Jos North was found near PRTV in Rayfield Area of Jos South with some of her Private Parts removed.

“Please let’s do well to warn our wards especially the Ladies who are the most vulnerable ones, to be very careful with their movements. Remain vigilant & Report any suspicion of such activity to Security Operatives, please. May her soul continue to rest with the Lord”

This is coming after a 300 level student of university of Jos, UNIJOS identified as Jennifer Antony was found d€ad with her eyes plunged out.

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