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[Story Time] HeartBroken Girl – Season1(Episode 1-13)

This story is culled from De9jaspirit.

Episode 1
Ella: Don’t touch me . I said don’t

Daniel: Ella I am sorry . I am so sorry it is not what you think .

Ella: what did I do to you . What did I fcn do to you . You took my love for granted . Didn’t I do enough for you . You are a …….. I don’t even know what to call you. Just go back to that girl
Daniel: Ella pls let me explain.

Ella: don’t follow me anymore I hope you enjoyed her .(runs away)

Daniel: Ella pls. (Kneels down and starts sobbing )

Why don’t we take this from the start.
I am Ella atoke. I am 18 years old . I am very brilliant and I don’t talk too much

Daniel: Hi Kim

Kim:hi Dan .

Daniel:yeah bye

Kim: Dan you are not paying attention to me even though I am giving you the greenlight . Can’t you see it like .

Daniel: Enough I can see the green light or whatever . I am not interested I am working on getting a girl better than you . So turn of your green light (faces his guys ) dudes let’s go for lunch and pete go help me call her.

Kim:Did Dan just walk out in me .

Betty: yes he did and he also gave you a big bang .

Kim: that was a retorical question

Ella:(laughing)stupid girl (thinking) Dan just get more handsome each day I wish I could be his girlfriend

Pete:hi Ella

Ella:(hearing the voice shatters her thoughts) oh hi Peter

Pete: firstly my name is Pete and you are invited for lunch by my friend

Ella:tell Mr coleslaw I can’t come

Pete:not coleslaw Dan

Ella:( shuts her locker) let’s go
At lunch
Daniel : God here she comes . My angel she looks so beautiful . And her lips oh my God .

Ella: hi Dan

Daniel : Hi Ella . Take your seat cause I have a confession to make .

>>NEXT EPISODE2>>😍😍💃💃💃


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