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Stop apologizing for meeting Osinbajo – Aisha Yesufu tells Taaoma

Aisha Yesufu, a well-known Nigerian activist, has advised Taaooma, an Instagram comic, to avoid apologizing to criticism over her meeting with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Remember that Taaooma and other Instagram skit creators met with Osinbajo and have since been chastised for it?

In response, Taaooma rushed to Twitter to apologize to individuals who were outraged by her visit to the Vice President, noting that she brought up the issues of police brutality and the Twitter ban with him.

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Aisha responded by telling Taaooma to stop apologizing and to focus on her goal to meet with Osinbajo.

Her tweets read: “ Dear Taaooma, you don’t need to apologise to anyone! You did not do anything wrong by having a meeting with Osinbajo.

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“There are different ways of achieving something. It is never one way and it is okay whatever way one chooses. Intentions are what count and you know yours!

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“Remember the Prophet (SAW) said Actions are judged according to intentions and that is all that matters. Your intentions are what should matter to you.

“What people think or say to you must never matter. What we feel alone with our thoughts is what should matter the most.”

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  1. U don’t need to apologize to people for your actions, u can’t succeed with out enemies around you, you also need to know that “whatever you do people most talk ” it is wrong to visit someone and is not easy visit someone like Osinbajo let your actions be judge by your intentions u don’t need to be Afriad of what people thought are, or thinks…

  2. This woman is a feminist that is misleading so many woman in Nigeria today.
    Many of them has been seeing themselves as the same as a man. Why would you ask her not to apologise??
    Do you know what transpired between them both?

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