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Shocking! Soldiers lock up shoppers inside Mall over missing money

There was a mild drama on Tuesday 13 July when soldiers supposedly locked shoppers over lack of money in the popular Abia Shopping Mall.

Some men who claimed that they were soldiers prevented people from entering and leaving the shopping center when they claimed to have stolen their money.

The reputed soldiers parked their RAV 4 vehicle at the outlet parking lot in Umuahia and went inside the center to shop, according to eye-witnesses.

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On getting out of the store they raised an alarm claiming their vehicle had been vandalized and money stolen from their car.

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The men reportedly called for reinforcement and their colleagues immediately stormed the scene in a Toyota Hilux vehicle.

Six soldiers arrived in the Hilux and they locked up customers, preventing entry and exit from the mall between 4:40 pm and 6:30 pm on Tuesday evening.

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The soldiers insisted on having access to the CCTV footage to watch how the money, about 200,000 Naira disappeared from their car.

It was learned that they later freed the customers and left the area.

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