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Nwawuba vs Uche Ogbuagu; The Matching Of The Unmatchables

For now, Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba has no contended. It’s fair to say he has begrudgers, in the persons of Uche Ogbuagu, and his recruits.

One Igbo adage says; “mmadu na ibe ya ha wu na onu”!

There’s no standard of measurement that should put Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, and Uche Ogbuagu, side by side.

Doing that will be akin to fixing a football match between *Chelsea FC and Akwa United*. One may begin to wonder, from which flank will *Akwa United* contend with *Chelsea FC*? It will be not necessary to engage the services of a fortune teller to know the match will definitely end a walk over.

No person in his/her right frame of mind will compare the exposure and mental capacity of one who subjected several years of his life to the confines of a classroom acquiring basic and complex knowledge of theories and principles, mastered in different professions and disciplines, proved his mettle in the corporate world- solving problems and providing services, with one who spent large chunk of his youthful age junketing from Park Road, to Milverton, to Over-Rail, to Jubilee, to Clifford Road, to Hospital Road, all in Aba, cracking jokes, and indulging in all manner of vices.

To be fair, if Nwawuba should have challengers from Ikeduru, it should come from among the best eleven, not from the least of a third eleven- ‘the achikota, ekwe onus’.

It will be more honourable to hear that the likes of Chief Chuka Udom, who has been tested as Minister of State for FCT, well read, well exposed, and articulate, and his likes, are gunning to represent MBAIKE, than the empty *Agboro Aba* who definitely will turnout a disappointment and an unmitigated disaster to MBAIKE, (should we make the mistake in our next world), just as he is a disappointment today to Ikeduru, in the State House of Assembly.

Ndi MBAIKE, anyi oga apu na ogbo ewu, kpuru nwankpi? Mba nu!

If I were one of his hirelings, I will boldly advice Uche Ogbuagu that it’s time to retreat. The tide is heavy and coming against him. He can’t swim against it. Providence has taken a position.

As a trained educationist, we were taught that learning starts from simple to complex. That is, from known, to unknown.

In the classroom, before teaching and learning is undertaken, there are prerequisite knowledge, skills and attitude a student is expected to possess before he/she is introduced to a new learning task. This principle is called, Entry Behavior.

Having laid this basic foundation, I will allow Ndi MBAIKE to reconcile if Uche Ogbuagu passed through these basic principles of life before hanging his dress above his height. You will agree with me that the jester lacks every bit of the above mentioned principles. He lacks the necessary entry behavior before venturing to politics, especially, the legislative arm of government. That is why he has not learnt nothing, and not ready to learn anything.

It is undoubted that Uche Ogbuagu is legislatively unproductive, and a poster personality of a square peg in a round hole. Instead, he has allowed his desperation and high-handedness to becloud his sense of decorum in his conduct in the House.

There is no short cut to life. Life, most often is sequenced. It’s structurally patterned. Those who out of craftiness and overzealousness obstruct it, comes back paying dearly.

According to the 19th Century British economist, David Ricardo, producers or countries should stick to producing products they have comparative advantage of producing. The essence is to harness the power of diversity and maximize cost benefits.

Upon the above premise therefore, it is reasonable to advise Uche Ogbuagu that, if he must gun for an office after his inglorious outing in the State Assembly, he should better gun for the *President of Association of Stand-Up Comedians.* That is where he enjoys comparative advantage. At least, that is his primary constituency, and I can vouch he will comfortably defeat Egbeigwe Apama, Banana Mouth, and Chief Imo and Maggi, should they contest with him.

It will also make sense to suggest to Uche Ogbuagu to contest the Imo State Chairman, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

NURTW is a perfect breeding ground for him cos he fits properly to the character and antecedents of members of the Union, both in words, and in actions. NURTW is another right place for Uche Ogbuagu to cut his teeth.

Recall that former House of Rep. Member from Orlu, Mayor Eze, started with NURTW. He used the union as a ladder to get to his political height. Uche Ogbuagu, should humbly join the league of Mayor Eze, if he is interested in picking up his pieces.

As for Uche Ogbuagu dragging the attention of Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, with his reoccurring irresponsible vituperations and fallacies, I want to convincingly assure him that he will never get the glorification he craves from Nwawuba. Nwawuba can never come to Ogbuagu’s level to exchange words with him. As a pig, Ogbuagu will enjoy the dirty bath but, Nwawuba will be stained. A vulture and a barber has no meeting point.

Uche Ogbuagu should continue to throw stones in the market. One day, it shall surly hit his own.

So far, we have enjoyed his macabre dance.


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