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Nursing Mother Commits Suicide Over Pressure, Lies From Husband

A mother of 2, Mrs Esther Frank who resides in Uyo, on Thursday night, took her life over alleged pressure and lies from her husband.

Nursing Mother Commits Suicide Over Pressure, Lies From Husband

According to reports, before committing suicide, she left a suicide note for her husband and two children, saying she was tired of the pressure.

However, the deceased drank a bottle of sniper and lay down unconscious in her room when she was discovered by neighbours who rushed her to St Luke’s Hospital in Anua, Uyo, where she eventually died.

While narrating the incident, Mrs. Iboro Etuk, a neighbour to the deceased, said she and the deceased talked before the unfortunate incident.

According to her, they both stood outside the gate of their compound to buy water before the deceased told her to take care of her children as she was going out to buy something.

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She explained that when she later heard the baby of the deceased crying continuously, she went inside the house of the deceased and found her on the floor.

In trying to shake the deceased to wake up, she discovered the bottle of sniper and raised an alarm which attracted the landlady.

They rushed the deceased to the hospital where she died, leaving behind a three months old baby and three years old son.

She said;

Mrs Esther Frank, is in her early thirties. She just graduated from the University and is yet to go for her youth service.

She is from Anambra state while her husband, Mr Frank is from Delta state but he is currently in Dubai.

She sent her three-year-old boy to come and stay with my children. It has never happened before. She told me that she was going to buy something, that I should please take care of her children’.

Before that, we both stood outside to buy pure water but since we didn’t see it, she went back into her apartment, while I waited outside.

When I heard her baby crying, I told her son who was in my apartment, to take me inside the house. There I saw her laying on the floor. I shook her and told her to pick up her son but she did not respond.

I ran out and informed the landlady and the other tenants. They came and saw the bottle of sniper laying on the floor. We rushed her to the hospital where she died. The landlady later reported the incident to the Police, ‘B’ Division.

When the landlady called her husband and told him his wife was dead, he exclaimed ‘What?’. According to her sister, she (the deceased) has been threatening to kill herself and had sent her husband a message threatening to kill herself.

The children are currently staying with my family. The baby cried throughout the night. I am now the one taking care of the baby.

The Police were here to investigate the matter. They are aware that we have taken temporary custody of the children.

The suicide note to the husband of the deceased read;

Please take care of my children please. I can’t take the pressure and lies you are telling again. I can’t take it, please it’s too much. You made everyone around me hate me. Please forgive me, am sorry.

Gerald please forgive me. Andre please forgive me. You guys are my life,” she wrote to her children.


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