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NRSF: OSRSA adopts Sunshine Alpha Rope Skipping League

The Ondo State Rope Skipping Association has announced the adoption of Rope Skipping League. The Chairperson, Mrs. Bolanle Kayode -Ajayi made the disclosure while receiving the Ondo State rope skippers that won eight medal in the Final International Rope Skipping Championship in Korea last December. She says Sunshine Alpha Rope Skipping League is the first of its kind in Nigeria and the world at large. And “we are happy to be the first Association to venture into this initiative.”

It was gathered that, based on the special interest and commitment the Association has demonstrated since it’s inception, the Nigeria Rope Skipping Federation (NRSF) in collaboration with International Rope Skipping Organization Technical Team has choosen Ondo State to be the first rope Skipping Association to run a local Rope Skipping league system.

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The league is going to engage nine rope Skipping clubs for a period of six competitive weeks with the first week as opening ceremony while the final week will be set aside for the crowning of the league champions and closing ceremony. The league will have total number of twelve matches.

The Sunshine Alpha Rope Skipping League matches will comprises ten set of disciplines which includes; Single Rope Speed Sprint (SRSS), Single Rope Criss Cross (SRCC), Single Rope One Foot (SROF), Single Rope Double Under (SRDU), Single Rope Speed Endurance; also called 1000 jump (SRSE), Last Man Standing (LMS), Double Dutch Speed (DDS), Single Rope Speed Relay (SRSR), Speed Double Under Relay (SDUR), and Double Dutch Speed Relay (DDSR).

“The value of professionalism of a judge can be measure by the number of experience he or she has in officiating the matches” says Mr Ade Olatunji, the Executive member and Chairman of the Nigeria Rope Skipping Federation Judging Committee. “I am happy for the state rope Skipping judges because this adoption is going to engage them and boost their qualification to officiate in international rope Skipping contests.”

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Speaking on the development, The Technical Director of the Federation, Mr.  Ukandu Chibuisi said that Ondo State has upper hand in producing quality rope skippers for international performance than any other states in the country, and that with the Sunshine Alpha Rope Skipping League adoption, it will build consistency in the field of play which will definitely promote professionalism and engage the athletes towards more productivity. 

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“Human capacity building and empowerment is our core value,” says the NRSF President, Mr.  Dayo Oyewo “and all hands must be in deck to make sure that Sunshine Alpha Rope Skipping League becomes a households name for national and international sports fans to be keen with and it’s updates. I will use this medium to appeal to stakeholders, philanthropists, sponsors, investors and media houses to give the sport laudable support and promotion it deserves as it has numerous health, social and economic benefits. He added that rope skipping has far gone beyond a tool for exercises, it a lucrative sport.

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