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Nigerians React To Photo Of Tattered-Looking Flag At NASS Building

  • A viral photo depicting worn-out Nigerian flags fluttering atop the National Assembly building has elicited strong reactions on social media
  • The image, shared by veteran photojournalist Mudashiru Atanda, highlights the deteriorated state of the flags, symbolizing the country’s sovereignty and authority.
  • Netizens expressed their condemnation of lawmakers’ neglect toward infrastructure maintenance, while raising concerns about the overall condition of the nation.

Nigerians Respond Emphatically to Image of Tattered Flag at National Assembly

A photograph featuring two tattered Nigerian flags adorning the National Assembly building has sparked a flurry of reactions across various social media platforms.

This incident unfolded when Mudashiru Atanda, a seasoned photojournalist, took to his Facebook account to share the image along with a caption that read, “The National Assembly with a national (flag) rag, exemplifying the deplorable state of the Nigerian flag—an emblem of the country’s sovereignty and authority.”

In the photograph, the Nigerian flag, characterized by its vibrant green, white, and green hues, can be seen hoisted atop the dome-shaped structure of the national assembly building, appearing weathered, torn, and frayed.

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Responding to the image, followers of the journalist expressed their dismay at the lawmakers’ evident negligence regarding the maintenance of the building’s infrastructure.

Reactions: Nigerians React To Photo Of Tattered-Looking Flag At NASS Building

Olakunle Amosun, one such individual, commented, “This is truly disheartening. Are there any depths to which we cannot sink? While they busily engage in power struggles for leadership positions, they overlook this national disgrace.”

Osunum Collins succinctly expressed his disappointment, writing, “e tun ti de ooo” (meaning “it has come to this”).

Idowu Ogunleye, voicing his sentiments, stated, “Well done, my friend. What a country and its flag indeed.”

Femi Ipaye, another photojournalist, raised a pertinent question, “Is the country itself in good condition?”

Femi Ipeye echoed a similar sentiment, asking, “Is the country itself in good condition?”

A Facebook user named Adeshida Yomi commented, “Just the budget allocated for flags in that place over the past eight years alone could have transformed an entire generation of Nigerians!”

Bayoor Ewuoso, yet another photojournalist, appeared captivated by the power of the lens, affirming, “The camera possesses tremendous influence.”

Nigerians React To Photo Of Tattered-Looking Flag At NASS Building


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