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My ex-boyfriend made me fall in love with his neighbour & married him- Lady Narrates

A young lady named Daisy Mwembula lost her job in 2020 due to COVID-19 and moved in with her boyfriend as she sought another job.

She said her then-boyfriend began neglecting and looking down on her since she had no income.

The boyfriend even asked her to find a house help job where she could stay away from his house.

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The frustrations made her open up to their single next-door neighbour who proposed to marry her and together moved into another house.

Mwembula disclosed that the revelation of the love of her life came during a huge storm fanned by her ex-boyfriend who she had just moved in within 2020 when she lost her job. 

In her words:

“At first he was supportive but after two weeks he began being irritated that I didn’t have a job. Every moment he told me to go look for a job which I did but unluckily I never got one.” 

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The lady disclosed that the boyfriend began neglecting her, refused to share the bed with her, and even locked the TV when he left on grounds that these made her too comfortable to search for a job. 

She said:

“Things got thick and I continued being worried. My ex-boyfriend showed me an attitude that precisely meant I should leave as I was a burden to him. He even asked me to find a house help job where I would stay away from his house.” 

She reminisced that her numerous efforts to seek a new job to support her then-lover failed to materialise and the man could not just understand her, instead took advantage of looking down upon her.

In the midst of this storm, the lady said she found a listening ear to a next-door neighbour to whom she could rant and confide her frustrations. 

Mwembula narrated:

“He always gave a listening ear and I became comfortable to share everything that was bothering with me. He sympathised with me and told me to keep the home in the beginning.” 

It was during these conversations that the woman confessed she began valuing the neighbour and their friendship was enhanced.

She disclosed:

“Couple the kindness with handsomeness, the man began being irresistible to me but there was nothing I could do because it’s sometimes awkward for a lady to make advances. Fortunately, the man one posed that he wanted to marry me.” 

In the beginning, she was confused and nervous about the proposal but when the neighbour who was single said he wanted to move in with her and she should look for a house where they would begin life together, she was content he was serious and gave in.

Mwembula opened up:

“He said I could not move into his house because it would stir conflict and would turn out to be disrespectable. So he tasked me to look for a one-bedroom house and I helped move his belongings there when my ex-lover had gone to work.” 

After moving the neighbour’s belongings to a new house with the knowledge of the caretaker, Mwembula said she told her disgruntled ex-lover that she had gotten a stay away job and left.

“On the evening I moved out. I told my ex that I had found a job that requires I stay there and he happily blessed me to leave, not knowing that would be the last day we would be a piece,” added Mwembula. 

Over a year down the line, Mwembula said that moving in with the neighbour at the expense of a cruel lover is the best decision she ever made.

She said:

“We relocated to somewhere around Njiru. Happily married and the union has gotten better every day because we support each other in every way we can. I am expecting our first child and full of gratitude.” 


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