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Miss Football Nigeria launched, Targets 80m Nigerians

Miss Football Nigeria launched, targets 80m Nigerians

Miss Football Nigeria, a new beauty pageantry targeted at getting more support for local leagues as against foreign ones has been launched in Nigeria.

The pageantry officially called Queen Of Nigeria Football is an initiative by Miss Football Nigeria with focus on beauty, football, entertainment and u=youth empowerment.

According to the National Director, Media and Publicity Mr Gambo Jagindi, the events targets on the long run to change the attention of about 80 million Nigerian football lovers to patronize local leagues.

According to Jagindi, Nigeria was yet to harness the potential it had from her football loving populace, saying that the over patronage for foreign leagues was costing the nation so much resources.

“Football has become one of the top three Global Sports Commanding Hundreds of Millions of addicted Fans and Followers in more than Two Third of the Countries of the World combined.

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“In Nigeria the addiction is so strong that Football is, as it stands today, the only unifying factor that dismantles the barriers of Ethnicity, Religion, Class or Political Divide. It knows no age limitation in terms of passion and viewership.

Reliable research findings shows that, out of the about Two Hundred Million (200,000,000) Nigerians, over Eighty Million (80,000,000), accounting for over 40% of the Population, are passionate followers of Football.

“Unfortunately, here in Nigeria, much has not been achieved in taking positive advantage of the huge Demography and attendant Addiction for Football by the Youths and Young People to promote National Development, Job and Wealth Creation.

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“Miss Football Nigeria Project, has been carefully developed and recently rebranded to deliberately sensitize and mobilize the Nigerian Youth and Young Persons towards participating and investing in our Local Football as a means of Recreation, Entertainment and as well as viable stream of Income,” he said.

The media director added that the project among other things, aims to strategically capture the interest of at least four million football loving Nigerian Youths and sensitize them on the dangers and economic disadvantages of over-patronizing foreign football matches at the expense of our domestic leagues.

According to him, it also aims at penetrating the tertiary institutions in Nigerian, students and youths groups, growing a massive fan base for local leagues, build economic structure for Young People in Nigeria and empower young women.

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He said that the project specifically targets national and state youth bodies, students of higher institutions of learning, community youth leaders, youth groups, young artisans and out-of-school youths in the market places.

He added that the project was being run in partnership with the National Youth Council of Nigeria, National Association of Nigerian Students, Nigerian Youth Parliament, Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria, Sports Writers Association of Nigeria Nigerian Football Federation and Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development among others.

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