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Man killed by police left pregnant wife, four-year-old child — Co-worker

Kabiru Babai, a borehole drilling truck driver shot by a police officer in Osogbo on Friday, has been identified.

Babai, commonly known as Mallam, hails from Bauchi State and is 33 years old.

A guy operating a Shekeena Global borehole drilling vehicle was brutalized before being shot dead in the Ota-Efun region of Osogbo/

Around 10:30 a.m., the drilling vehicle broke down near Ikirun Way, according to reports.

According to an eyewitness, Adam Ibrahim, 21, who was there at the time, they were repairing the truck when four police officers in a tiny commercial bus (Korope) grabbed Babai from under the vehicle and began hitting him.

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Ibrahim further narrated that “As we were coming from work and about to make a u-turn, the motor stopped and we tried to start it.

“The Police came around, they asked what was amiss and we explained to them. We were still trying to start the vehicle so we could be on our way. We tried to beg them, ‘sorry, we would do sharp sharp and go’.

“The police started beating him. Before we knew it, they just shot him and tried to run. We, however, caught one of them.”

Ibrahim disclosed that “the deceased is married. His wife is pregnant and has another child. I am not certain of the age though, 3 – 4 years.”


  1. This is bad,innocent man the man that go out to look for food for his family is what you’ve done to him Nigeria police you that do this and you think you can run away the death of the man we not let you to rest by the grace of God

    • Very bad and pathetic story. How will his pregnant wife succeed and survive with his 3-4year old child very painful..
      Those men are not police officers to me, I think they are ordinary people disguised in policemen wear to hunt people, that is what I think. Your enemy can play any tricks to get you.
      Anything can happen in this country, everything is possible. May his soul rest in peace

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