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LIVE UPDATES : “DAY2” Election Results By INEC

Election result for twelve States

Below is the Day 2 results of the February 23rd Presidential election.
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Result Presentation: Oyo State
APC: 365,229
AAC: 4,014
YPP: 1,608
ANN: 1,896
APC: 365,229
PDP: 366,690
AAC: 4,014
YPP: 1,608
ANN: 1,896

Result Presentation: Edo State

Edo State
APC: 267,842
PDP: 275,691
AAC: 3,106
YPP: 531
ANN: 273

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,150,127
Total No: of Accredited: 604,915
Total Votes Cast: 599,228
Total Valid Votes: 560,711
Rejected Votes: 38,517

Result Presentation: Ogun State
APC: 281,762
PDP: 194,655
AAC: 3,196
YPP: 553
ANN: 1509

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,336,887
Total No: of Accredited: 613,397
Total Votes Cast: 605,938
Total Valid Votes: 564,256
Rejected Votes: 41,682

Result Presentation: Lagos State
APC: 580,825
PDP: 448,015
AAC: 8,910
YPP: 5,733
ANN: 6,946

Total No: Reg Voters: 6,313,507
Total No: of Accredited: 1,196,490
Total Votes Cast: 1,156,590
Total Valid Votes: 1,089,567
Rejected Votes: 67,023

Result Presentation: Bauchi State
APC: 798,428
PDP: 209,313
AAC: 183
YPP: 112
ANN: 46

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,453,512
Total No: of Accredited:1,075,330
Total Votes Cast:1,061,955
Total Valid votes:1,024,307
Rejected Votes:37,648

Result Presentation: Adamawa State
APC: 378,078
PDP: 410,266
AAC: 282
YPP: 109
ANN: 162

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,959,322
Total No: of Accredited: 874,920
Total Votes Cast: 860,756
Total Valid Votes: 811,534
Rejected Votes: 49,222

Result Presentation: Benue State
APC – 347,668
PDP – 356,817
AAC – 309
YPP – 557
ANN – 201

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,391,276
Total No: of Accredited: 786,069
Total Votes Cast: 763,872
Total Valid Votes: 728,912
Rejected Votes: 34,960

Result Presentation: IMO State
APC: 140,463
PDP: 334,923
AAC: 467
YPP: 676
ANN: 119

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,037,569
Total No: of Accredited: 585,741
Total Votes Cast: 542,777
Total Valid Votes: 511,586
Rejected Votes: 31,191

Result Presentation: Plateau State

Total No: Reg Voters:2,423,381
Total No: of Accredited:1,074,042
Total Votes Cast:1,062,862
Total Valid Votes:1,034,853
Rejected Votes:28,009
Collation officer: Professor A. K Richard

Result Presentation: Kano State
AAC: 416
ADC: 591
ADP: 439
PDP: 391,593
SDP: 635

Total No: Reg Voters:5,391,581
Total No: of Accredited:2,006,410
Total Votes Cast:1,964,751
Total Valid Votes:1,891,134
Rejected Votes:73,617

After 2019 Presidential kano state election result map breakdown

Result Presentation: Kastina State
APC: 1,232,133
PDP: 308,056
AAC: 186
YPP: 61
ANN: 82

Total No: Reg Voters:3,210,422
Total No: of Accredited:1,628,865
Total Votes Cast:1,619,185
Total Valid Votes:1,555,473
Rejected Votes:63,712

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Result Presentation: Taraba State

APC: 324,906
PDP: 374,743 (Winner)
AAC: 116
YPP: 80
ANN: 35

Total No: Reg Voters:1,777,105
Total No: of Accredited: 756,111
Total Votes Cast: 741,564
Total Valid Votes: 712,877
Rejected Votes: 28,687
Announced by : Professor Shehu Adamu

Result Presentation: Rivers State
APC: 150,710
PDP: 473,971
AAC: 372
YPP: 415
ANN: 365

Total No: Reg Voters: 3,215,273
Total No: of Accredited: 678,167
Total Votes Cast: 666,585
Total Valid Votes: 642,165
Rejected Votes: 24,420

Result Presentation: Zamfara State
APC: 438,682
PDP: 125,423
AAC: 186
YPP: 44
ANN: 24

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,717,128
Total No: of Accredited: 616,168
Total Votes Cast: 597,224
Total Valid Votes: 578,439
Rejected Votes: 18,785

Result Presentation: Kebbi State
APC: 581,552
PDP: 154,282
AAC: 276
YPP: 53
ANN: 99

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,802,697
Total No: of Accredited: 835,238
Total Votes Cast: 803,755
Total Valid Votes:756,605
Rejected Votes: 47,150

Result Presentation: Sokoto State
APC: 490,333
PDP: 361,604
AAC: 181
YPP: 84
ANN: 124

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,895,266
Total No: of Accredited: 950,107
Total Votes Cast: 925,940
Total Valid Votes: 871,891
Rejected Votes: 54,049

Result Presentation: Sokoto State
APC: 118,821
PDP: 197,933 (Winner)
AAC: 126
YPP: 50
ANN: 37
Total No: Reg Voters:923,182

Total No: of Accredited:344,237
Total Votes Cast:335,856
Total Valid Votes:321,767
Rejected Votes:14,089

Result Presentation: Delta State
APC: 221,292
PDP: 594,068 (Winner)
AAC: 1,626
YPP: 497
ANN: 320
Total No: Reg Voters: 2,719,313

Total No: of Accredited: 891,647
Total Votes Cast: 882,254
Total Valid Votes: 829,762
Rejected Votes: 52,492

Result Presentation: Borno State
APC: 836,496
PDP: 71,788
AAC: 269
YPP: 78
ANN: 29

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Total No: Reg Voters: 2,319,434
Total No: of Accredited: 987,290
Total Votes Cast: 955,205
Total Valid Votes: 919,786
Rejected Votes: 35,419

Result Presentation: Akwa Ibom State
APC: 175,429
PDP: 395,832
AAC: 222
YPP: 118
ANN: 95

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,119,727
Total No: of Accredited: 695,677
Total Votes Cast: 605,140
Total Valid Votes: 578,775
Rejected Votes: 26,365

Result Presentation: Cross River State
APC: 117,302
PDP: 295,737
AAC: 242
YPP: 217
ANN: 88

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,512,915
Total No: of Accredited: 461,033
Total Votes Cast: 446,046
Total Valid Votes: 421,901
Rejected Votes: 24,145

We hereby declear President Mohammadu Buhari(APC) as the newly elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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  1. This is the INEC version of the result because I believe this one is different from what the pulling units bears


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