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Judy Austin, the woman that inspired me most in 2022

Charles Awuzie, a Nigerian socialite has described Judy Austin as the one who inspired him the most this year.

Judy Austin is a nollywood Actress who had just clocked another beautiful year. Her marriage to Yul Edochie, a fellow nollywood actor tabled her as a subject to public conversations.

While others celebrated the actress, Austin some described her husband snatcher, adulterous woman because she married May’s husband, Yul. Amidst several names and opinion from netizens and other Nigerians, Judy Austin never felt dejected but rather kept living her normal life.

Awuzie who noted that actress had motivated in the course of this shared his thoughts via his verified social media handle. In a birthday post to celebrate the actress, he wrote, “Happy Birthday Judy….

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You were the most abused woman on Nigerian Social Media Space this year…

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But you also inspired me the most….

You taught me how to keep moving despite how many dogs are barking at you…

Several times, I woke up and thought of quitting social media but I remembered that Judy has braved through the trolls and is still moving – then I decided to keep moving too.

Judy, many people have said all kinds of things about you…. Even Ndi hookup have called you names….Ndi urgent 2k have dragged you too… You are like the woman that was caught red handed committing adultery and brought to Jesus… The wise teacher asked that the one with no sin should cast the first stone but all her accusers walked away with heads bowed. However that was when hypocrites still had a conscience. In our time, hypocrites do not have conscience. If Jesus embraces Judy and asks those with no sin to cast the first stone, he will be surprised to see bobrisky, Oxlade, Baba Ijesha , hookup chicks, etc casting stones on Judy. They will also cast stones on Jesus for embracing a home breaker as if they themselves have never broken someone’s heart or stolen what doesn’t belong to them before. This is 21st century, conscience has been replaced with memes. Criminals are judges and judges are criminals.

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To you Judy, if you ever see this post, I want you to know that there is a brother somewhere who didn’t condemn you in 2022. I understand you. I feel for you. And I can relate with where you are because I am a product of an unconventional family. There’s no perfect family and no perfect person but with perfect love and understanding, the world can be a better place.

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Happy birthday to you Judy!

My name is Charles Awuzie and I celebrate you.”

Judy Austin, the woman that inspired me most in 2022
Judy Austin, the woman that inspired me most in 2022 1

The self-acclaimed cleric went further that, “Before you condemn anyone, always ask yourself…. how many times do you do something wrong in a day?
How many times have you had s€x with someone who is not yours? If you don’t, what about lying and misleading someone else? If you claim innocence, what about deceiving your employer with false information for personal benefits?

Why have you not been dragged? Because you sin privately? Or Because nobody knows about it?


Then be humble and just wish people well and focus on your life.”

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