Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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IPOB/ESN Accused Of Burning O.K Ugba’s House, Cars For Installing Solar Light Mistaken For Cameras

Unknown Gunmen Suspected to be IPOB/ESN members were accused of razing down the house of Chief O.K Ugba.

A social media user who shared the news on social media said the house was burnt to the ground because Ugba installed solar lights in the village and was mistaken to be CCTV cameras.

He further said the ESN members mistook the solar light to be cameras installed to money to monitor their activities.

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Taking to facebook, Ugo Egbujo Wrote:

Ishi bu MBA.

The head that carries the burden of the town .

That’s his house.

Razed by unknown arsonists.

His brother said the man installed solar lights in the village. The ESN misjudged him..they said he installed cameras to monitor their activities.

That’s their story.

The man’s mansion has been burnt down,.

His fleet of cars. G wagon. BMW X6. Range Rover Sports etc., all burnt.

His entire house looted and razed.

His sin was that he installed solar lights in Amangwu Ohafia.

This is that last thing a republican and capitalist society that encourages being brothers keepers needs

A culture of arson and assassinations will make Igbo land desolate.

Once violence sets in it spreads like a wild weed.

My sympathy is not for the rich like Isi bu Mba

It is for the poorest of the poor . They will suffer the most .

The rich dont live in IDP camps.

Igbo land is already in a big mess.

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