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Ikoyi Collapsed Building: Nineteen families reported missing persons, says Sanwo-Olu

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu says 19 families have submitted names of individuals suspected trapped in the collapsed Ikoyi building.

“As I speak here, it is only 19 names of missing persons that have been registered. Some of them have pictures, others do not. This list would help us to get information on the manifest of those at the site,” explained Mr Sanwo-Olu said. ”As of this afternoon, we have recovered a total of 32 bodies. We are conducting a coroner’s inquest on the bodies, and by tomorrow (Friday), we hope the exercise would have been concluded. That is the deadline we gave to the coroner so that the families can come and identify the bodies recovered so far.”

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Mr Sanwo-Olu said this while updating journalists at the site of the collapsed Ikoyi building, adding that a register had been opened.

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The governor was at the site for the third time within 72 hours to see how the search and recovery operation was being conducted and boost the emergency responders’ morale. He was in the company of Deputy Governor Obafemi Hamzat at the site for over three hours.

Mr Sanwo-Olu said the ongoing coroner inquest on the bodies evacuated from the site was expected to be concluded by Friday, after which families would be invited to identify them.

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The governor expressed satisfaction with the rescue operation, commending the first responders for their efforts.

He also met with some of the distressed family members at the site, cheering them and raising their hopes, while the rescue efforts progressed, noting that “yesterday (Wednesday), we opened a register for people that have missing persons or loved ones whom they believed must have been at the site before the collapse.”

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  1. I saw something the other day at the site I went to work in an estate in Abuja, were by they use chippings, grinded chippings as cement. Then I ask myself can this be as strong as cement house, I thought you were to mix chippings and cement together so the house will be strong, but instead they mix chippings and chippings in building houses here in Abuja. How long will it last. I believe this is cause of the ikoyi building collapse, they gamble and endanger people’s lives for crying out loud..
    Just look at how someone bought death with his own money, I know accident can happen but don’t also forget that some accident are caused by our carelessness…..

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