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Igbo Apprenticeship System Makes People Hate Igbos – Aisha Yesufu Sparks Debate

Aisha Yesufu took to Twitter to point out a fault she has found with the Igbo apprenticeship program that has raised many successful Igbo businessmen.

The social activist said the system is an amazing one. However, she stated that a problem with it is that Igbo businessmen do not include people from other states as their apprentice.

She said she suspects this is why Igbos, just like the Jews, are “resented”. She pointed out that indigenes are bound to get angry if you stay in a place and make money yet you don’t employ and empower their people.

She added:

“A situation where as a business person you only employ your people via the apprenticeship model & no matter how long you stay in a place you never employ the indigenes there except to load and off load there will be resentment. More if it is not one off experience but the norm.”

Her tweets led to a debate as Igbos and other tribes responded.

Below are the tweets.


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