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If Obasanjo Did What Buhari Is Doing Now, Boko Haram Won’t Have Existed – Pastor Adesoji Ajayi

Pastor Adesoji Ajayi, the general overseer of Christ Apostolic Mission Church (CAMC), on Sunday spok on why Nigerians should support efforts to fix the nation and other sundry national issues.

If Obasanjo Did What Buhari Is Doing Now, Boko Haram Won’t Have Exist - Pastor Adesoji Ajayi

The cleric is one of the people who seems to have a soft-spot for President Muhammadu Buhari. He insist that Rome was not built in a day, the president should be given time to fix the economy.

He also acknowledged the challenges of handling the biggest black nation’s economy, stating that Nigeria has various problems, problems that have been created over the years by the military and by the past administrations.

About the issue of human rights violations, when asked Why didn’t the President obey court orders on Sowore, Dasuki and El-Zakzakky, the cleric said;

You want to hear the undiluted truth? Every country has a peculiar problem. If Obasanjo did what Buhari is doing now, quote me anywhere there won’t have been Boko Haram today. If El- Zakzakky had been allowed, another Boko Haram would be brewing.

If a man says revolution now and you know him to be an activist and you allow him to have his way then you are playing yourself to the gallery. So before things get out of hand some things should be put in place.

Sowore is not an easy person so those judges are doing it the way they felt it should be done but those who can see beyond their noses will know that doing it the way the judges say it should be done can trigger off a difficult thing to control.

Buhari knows Dasuki very well. He has many friends in the military and he has money. I’m taking seriously. If not for this kind of nation, if these guys do these things in countries like Russia, India, China or Pakistan, they would have been forgotten long time ago but when it comes to Nigeria, we claim human rights and all those lawyers shouting human rights would be having their pockets swelling.

I am not saying Buhari is perfect but he is learning from the experiences of the past. Imagine blocking the road when the army chief was passing and you want that to continue? Then your guess is as good as mine. So Buhari is somebody who knows what he is doing.


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