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7 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

7 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

After feeding and sliding, it may seem like the bulk your day takes (and most of the night!) to soothe your fussy child. Of course, crying and baby go hand in hand, as kicking a fuss is your newborn’s only communication ability. However, a baby’s screaming can be overwhelming rapidly, especially if you cannot understand why she is so upset first.

And, while crying for newborns is normal, as a mother or father, it is not always obvious to decrypt what “normal” really means. The first step to learning how to calm a crying baby is to get to the job as calmly as possible, as working up only increases your stress for both of them.

To help your wee one settle down, here’s a look at some of the most common reasons babies cry and how to comfort your baby so you can both finally relax.

1. Hunger
Newborns nurse or take a bottle every few hours, or eight to 12 times in a 24-hour period. If your baby’s crying, there’s a good chance she’s ready to eat again. Look for signs of hunger like lip-smacking, bringing hands to her mouth, and rooting to feed the baby before tears begin.

2. Gas
A lot of water can trap air into the belly of your baby, making it uncomfortable and uneasy. The solution: Burp your baby on the back after feeding soft pats.

3. Wet or dirty diaper
Nobody wants to sit in poopy or wet pants! Children produce up to six or more wet diapers a day, so often check out their little bum.

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4. Boredom
Babies get tired of sitting and looking at the same old scene. To quash the boredom, pop her into a front carrier, sway in a glider or rocking chair, stand by the window, go out for a walk or just stroll from room to room.

5. Overwhelmed
Retreat with your baby to cuddle quietly, away from people and noise. Sucking on a pacifier also soothes, or you can try swaddling her in a light blanket so she feels safe and snug.

6. Hot — or cold
Layers work well when dressing your baby, but too few or too many can leave her uncomfortable and in tears. To see whether you should add or remove a layer, check her equipment.

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7. Sick
Lastly, crying is sometimes an indication that your baby isn’t well, so check in with her pediatrician. If you suspect she might have a fever, check her rectal temperature.


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